Award Winning Foshan Tanyue Villa Sample Room

Yu Chao and Guanghui Zeng Spotlights The Foshan Tanyue Villa Sample Room

Yu Chao and Guanghui Zeng, the project leader of the awarded project Award Winning Foshan Tanyue Villa Sample Room points out, Leaving a note in the space gives it a sense of oriental Zen. With objects such as the charcoal burning woodwork, the hand- <Cropped>

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Kitten-Stool by César Bejarano

César Bejarano Discloses The Kitten Stool

César Bejarano, the author of the displayed design César Bejarano's Kitten Stool explains, The body of the stool is made of folded and cut recycled aluminum while the seat is made of 100% recycled PET felt. The felt seats are removable and in <Cropped>

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Loose Leaf Portable Vaporizer by Pax Labs, Inc

Pax Labs, Inc. Discloses The Pax 2 Loose Leaf Portable Vaporizer

PAX Labs, Inc., the architect of the awarded work PAX Labs, Inc.'s PAX 2 Loose Leaf Portable Vaporizer demonstrates, PAX 2 is the newest version of the industry’s #1 vaporizer. PAX 2 is 25% smaller and 10% lighter than the original PAX. With u <Cropped>

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The Habitat-Rethinking Student Housing in India

The Aim of The Competition Is to Design a Quality Student Housing For 140 Occupants in India With Different Unit Typologies Such as Studio, Double & Four Sharing Options With All State of The Art Facilities Creating Community Like Environment. The Sub

The aim of the competition is to design a quality student housing for 140 occupants in india with different unit typologies such as studio, double & four sharing options with all state of the art facilities creating community like environment. th <Cropped>

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Regeneration by Steph Lee

Steph Lee Discloses The Regeneration Residential House

Steph Lee, the architect of the displayed design Regeneration by Steph Lee says, This space is to create a living space accommodating both openness and enclosure, where transparency and privacy coexist, and by introducing a base tone of whiteness, <Cropped>

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Goldfish Headset-Headset by Zhanchao Chen

Zhanchao Chen Designs The Goldfish Headset Headset

Zhanchao Chen, the author of the highlighted work Goldfish Headset - Headset by Zhanchao Chen says, That is the inspiration of product concept design, looks like a fishbone, with totally adjustable ear tips on the ear housing design. The fishbone str <Cropped>

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Peel by Leah K. S. Amick

Leah K. S. Amick Illustrates The Peel Cabinet

Leah K. S. Amick, the creator of the award winning work Cabinet:Peel by Leah K. S. Amick illustrates, Peel is a freestanding cabinet featuring an unusual door that, rather than swinging on a hinge, peels open. A satisfying, tactile experience is cr <Cropped>

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Soli by Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy

Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy Presents The Soli Solar Powered Light

Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy, the creative mind behind the displayed project Solar powered light by Josh Tulkoff & Brook Kennedy demonstrates, Soli is a solar chargeable flashlight/ lamp designed to raise awareness about energy poverty and th <Cropped>

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Agraz Restaurant by Marcelo Lopes Design

Marcelo Lopes Design Shares The Agraz Restaurant Corporate Identity

Marcelo Lopes Design, the author of the award winning design Agraz Restaurant by Marcelo Lopes Design points out, Agraz Restaurant’s brand is inspired by Brazil’s twenty-seven states. The round symbol was inspired by the center of the Brazilian <Cropped>

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Freshly Chopped Smithfield by Millimetre Design

Millimetre Design Creates The Freshly Chopped Smithfield Flagship Store

Millimetre Design, the lead designer of the awarded project Freshly Chopped Smithfield - Flagship Store by Millimetre Design demonstrates, Freshly Chopped Smithfield, is the flagship store for this successful international food retail brand. The new <Cropped>

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