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Hobot2S window cleaning robot can restore the glass bright and clear effortlessly with the dual ultrasonic spray system. Thanks to the powerful suction, Hobot2S can work on windows in any thickness, while the revolutionary edge leakage sensors detect the window seals and the edge of the frameless windows. The personalized voice prompt, auto cleaning reminder every 3 months, and firmware update over the air via Hobot App turn the exhausting household chore into an enjoyable pleasure.

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Ikona Maxxi Pure

Ikona Maxxi pure incorporates, in an elegant furnishing, a hood and air purifier that take twofold care of the home's air. It has been designed to improve the quality of domestic air without needing to install additional devices or complex monitoring systems which are often impractical and invasive. Ikona Maxxi pure has been designed to allow the hood and purifier to operate independently, without compromising on either performance or usability. The hood core of Ikona Maxxi pure efficiently eliminates cooking fumes and vapors.

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Capsule Tea Machine

This tea machine delivers a simplistic and convenient tea-making solution to users. This equipment provides the unique and professional tea-making experience at home and office. This machine simulates the compact size, traditional design and gentle outline of ancient Chinese blue tile windows. The hollowed-out shape leaves a sense of retro feeling and perfectly connects the function of the machine and the visual language.

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The D shaped LegeeD7 combines the front suction, brushroll, auto spraying system and auto recognization mopping in one. The front suction located before the brushroll prohibits the brushroll from tangling the hair; the auto lifting mop can lift above the floor for 6mm when cleaning the carpet. LegeeD7 provides tailor fit experiences simply via the App, users can plan a cleaning journey of any room with 8 cleaning modes, curtain zone, climbing control zone, and customizable voice prompt.

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Sofa is a cordless vacuum cleaner standing out with its stylish sturdy look combined with a 115Watt digital motor, 10.8 V Lithium ion battery, 25 min continuous runtime, 200 ml dust pick up capacity, and Hepa plus metal filter combination. While the chamber can be cleaned with a single touch, thanks to the combination of HEPA and metal filter inside, no dust particles can escape. Thanks to the adjustable built-in brush on the sweeping tip, it is possible to vacuum places such as sofas and tabletop.

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Lavazza Voicy

Voicy is the first espresso machine with built-in voice assistant. A smart product combining quality coffee with functions provided by Alexa, all in a well designed and innovative device. The user can interact through the UI, voice commands, or use the app to check status, consumption, order coffee and, above all, make espresso. Innovation, functionality, and aesthetics in harmony to meet the needs of users who experience their coffee ritual in an increasingly personalized way.

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