Flora Indica-Corporate Identity by Henry Chebaane

Henry Chebaane Reveals The Flora Indica Corporate Identity

Henry Chebaane, the designer of the award winning design Flora Indica - Corporate Identity by Henry Chebaane points out, FLORA INDICA is an intriguing new bar & restaurant serving contemporary Indian cuisine within an eclectic mix of Kensington <Cropped>

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Techo by Caxton Chung

Caxton Chung Reveals The Techo Calendar

Caxton Chung, the author of the highlighted design Calendar by Caxton Chung explicates, “Techo” means “notebook” in Japanese, which brings out the unique properties of this calendar. With its foldable structure, this design can function as bo <Cropped>

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Nima Bavardi's Cannibalumin Luminaire

Nima Bavardi Demonstrates The Cannibalumin Luminaire

Nima Bavardi, the maker of the highlighted work Cannibalumin - Luminaire by Nima Bavardi illustrates, The particular shape of the annular luminaire is inspired by king snake and the phenomenon of the self-cannibalism; If these snakes get too hot, the <Cropped>

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David Dos Santos's Gizelle Lifestyle Cat Litter Box

David Dos Santos Spotlights The Gizelle Lifestyle Cat Litter Box

david dos santos, the architect of the displayed project david dos santos's Gizelle Lifestyle Cat litter box explains, This is not a fancy speaker, this is a cat litter box. Yep. Check again. It really is. And a beautiful one. One you want to pu <Cropped>

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Award Winning Leapvox All in One Ip/Pbx

Hakan Gürsu Shows The Leapvox All in One Ip/Pbx

Hakan Gürsu, the architect of the highlighted work All In One IP/PBX by Hakan Gürsu explains, Combining many functions into one small box, LeapVox is a single plug and play device which brings a smart solution to all your internet and communicati <Cropped>

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Blue Daisy by Teong Yan Ni

Teong Yan Ni Demonstrates The Blue Daisy Multifunctional Earrings

Teong Yan Ni, the architect of the awarded work Award Winning Blue Daisy Multifunctional Earrings points out, Daisy's are composite flowers with two flowers combined into one, an inner section and an outer petal section. It symbolizes the intert <Cropped>

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Fastener Block by Nishit Gupta

Nishit Gupta Creates The Fastener Block Childhood Developmental Toy

Nishit Gupta, the creative mind behind the award winning work Fastener Block - Childhood Developmental Toy by Nishit Gupta explains, Fastener Block is a childhood developmental toy. It helps Boost fine motor skills for 3-5-year olds through imaginati <Cropped>

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Bioclimatic European School Complex by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Compass – School in Crete Bioclimatic European School Complex

The maker of the highlighted project Bioclimatic European School Complex:Compass – school in Crete by Acclaimed Designer explains, The shape of the school that we designed is essentially an arrow that shows the path that the couple God Zeus and Eur <Cropped>

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Crafts and Installation by 9+1

9+1 Portrays The Transient Matters Crafts and Installation

9+1, the architect of the awarded project transient matters - crafts and installation by 9+1 spells out, Japan is a country with flourishing traditional crafts, each with more than centuries of history being part of our everyday life. However, due to <Cropped>

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Logo Design by Kieran Harrod

Kieran Harrod Exhibits The Care in One Place Logo Design

Kieran Harrod, the author of the displayed design Logo Design by Kieran Harrod illustrates, A warm, welcoming and clear design for this healthcare startup; Combining 3 key elements: Location, Care and Everyone, represented by 3 logo elements: map-pin <Cropped>

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