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Power Frog

The design is a physical household mosquito lamp which combines mosquito trapping light with voltage dense electric grid. Uses the wavelength of 365 nm violet light, simulating human body temperature system. Can place vegetable and fruit residues and mosquito attractant on it, to induce mosquitoes to approach. Three layers of voltage dense electric grid to prevent accidental contact. The 360 degree double tuyere vortex which is matched with funnel type anti escape device to block mosquitoes escape.

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Kopuklu stands out with the illuminated control panel located on the top , spray painted side frame and the hot print image on the side offering a stylish design that you will always want to keep on the counter. To choose between different taste settings, choose the amount of coffee you want to make or to change the cup size, all you have to do is to rotate the ring around the panel and click. The back illuminated panel allows you to obtain a selection of well-cooked, medium, rare and local authentic taste options.

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Happy Water

Happy water is a humidifier equipped with magnetic levitation technology, which atomizes Water through an ultrasonic atomizing device and is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp for circulating disinfection. It not only has a humidifying function, but also an artistic interior furnishings. Their design team incorporated traditional Chinese culture, allowing them to enter a state of mindfulness while using it.

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Open Suite

Open Suite is an architectural element for the kitchen, a modular structure that allows you to create a new dimension within the kitchen space, an industrial style which gives character to the environment. Open Suite is not only a hood but but also a lighting element for the kitchen. It has a a wide choice of shelves, that can suit any need. Starting from four basic configurations (80 cm or 160 cm wall and 80 cm or 160 cm island) it is possible to integrate additional accessories and add modules.

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NikolaTesla Fit

NikolaTesla Fit represents a concentrate of technology in which cooking and suction are perfectly integrated in a space that allows installation even on 60 cm kitchen bases. Ideal for small rooms, but also for those kitchens where it is not possible to install independent hobs and hoods. The conceptual effort has focused on finding a balance between performance, functionality, ergonomics, technology, small size and versatility. The great challenge in terms of design was to be able to contain all these elements in a formal synthesis that gave life to an object with clean and essential lines.

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Lavazza MilkUp

MilkUp lets you enjoy authentic Italian cappuccino at home. Quietly and efficiently preparing different recipes using magnetic induction. The elegant design is composed of bold, colourful, and simple elements with high-quality surfacing and materials. The backlit "stop and go" button is emphasized visually by a coloured ring. The jug is made from brushed Inox and has no internal moving parts. This makes it easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. It has clear marks for minimum and maximum levels on the inside and an ergonomic handle. The whisk has a dedicated storage area on top of the lid.

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